Install Banyan Conntector

This section installs and configures the Banyan Connector in your environment.

This article describes features - Banyan Connector, Banyan Global Edge Network - that are currently in early preview. Contact your account team to enable these features for your organization and for further assistance.


The Banyan Connector is a dial-out connector that establishes a secure tunnel with the Banyan Global Edge Network. The Connector can be deployed in any location that has connectivity to your internal services. Each Banyan Connector only connects outbound and does not need any inbound open ports to operate correctly.

Note that when a Banyan Connector is utilized, traffic flows from entities on the internet to the Banyan Global Edge Network (where your organization’s managed Access Tiers reside), and then through the Banyan Connector to the internal service.

Network Configuration

The Connector requires some minimal network configuration.

  1. The Connector needs to be able to connect outbound to the Internet; it does not need any inbound open ports to operate correctly.

  2. Ensure that the Connector server can make an outbound HTTPS connection via port 443 to the Command Center. The Connector does this to register itself and receive its configuration parameters, by making API calls to https://{ccname}….

  3. Ensure that the Connector can make an outbound UDP connection to the Banyan Global Edge Network. The Connector will pick a port(s) in the range 30000 - 32767 to set up a Wireguard tunnel(s) with the Edge Network.

  4. Ensure your networking policies allow traffic to flow from the Connector server to backend machines running the applications and services you need to secure access to.

The connector binary supports Egress Proxy settings, so the outbound connections from Connector can traverse your Egress Proxy as required.


Last modified: Jul 24, 2021