Enhance TrustScoring via API Integrations

Integrate Banyan with your MDM to add factors into the TrustScoring computation

This article describes features that are only available in the Banyan Enterprise edition.

This feature is under active development. If you’re using a Device Manager other than Workspace ONE UEM, contact Support for configuration instructions.


Device Managers (MDMs) configure and manage endpoints (desktop and mobile) in your enterprise. Banyan integrates with your organization’s MDM via APIs to include MDM data about your devices into the TrustScoring computations.

To configure the integration with your MDM, you need to enable API access so Banyan can gather device information via API calls.


Enable MDM API Access

API access is used by Banyan to gather device information.

In your MDM console, create the authentication profile and capture the credentials needed to query your Device Manager API.

Contact Support

Contact Banyan Support with the authentication profile and API credentials. We’ll get back to you once the API integration has been set up.

Specify MDM parameters in the Desktop App mdm-config.json file

When you use your MDM to distribute the Banyan Desktop App, you need to set a few additional parameters in the mdm-config.json file so Banyan’s TrustScoring engine can correlate data from devices running the Banyan Desktop App with the data in your MDM.

  • Set mdm_present to true to inform Banyan that the device is managed by a Device Manager for use in Device TrustScoring
  • Set mdm_vendor_name to your MDM vendor name to inform Banyan which API integration to use; for use in Device TrustScoring.
  • Set mdm_vendor_udid to the device’s specific unique identifier to associate the device with its MDM compliance factors; for use in Device TrustScoring.

Last modified: Feb 04, 2021