Release Notes (4.11)

This section lists the new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and components available in the latest version of the Banyan Platform

Review past release notes here and current limitations (and workarounds) of the Banyan Platform here.

4.11 Release Highlights

Enhancements and Updates

  • The Org Name was added to the toolbar of the Banyan console so that customers with multiple instances of Banyan can now clearly identify which Org they’re presently logged into.

  • The device verification page was updated (the challenge code was removed) to reflect mobile devices’ use of certificates in app keychains.

  • Error page designs were updated for consistency.

Bug Fixes

  • Service test connection fails when service uses http_connect mode

  • Incorrect error message when a device is not MDM-compliant

4.10 Release Highlights

Early Preview Features

Service Tunnel
  • Service Tunnel is a modern WireGuard VPN that provides encrypted network connectivity to various network segments, including VPCs, VLANs, and subnets. Service Tunnel supports device trust and continuous evaluation.
  • Contact or your Customer Success Engineer to enable this feature in your org.

Enhancements and Updates

  • Support for Zero Touch Installation on macOS Big Sur:
    macOS Big Sur prevents administrators from silently installing Banyan certificates through a device manager. Banyan now stages the device certificates on the end user’s device, and installation completes when the user launches the app and enters their admin credentials.

  • Connector v1.3.0 supports installations via Docker on macOS.
  • Users can now convert an existing service to Custom JSON for advanced configurations.

4.0 Release Highlights

Enhancements and Updates

  • Added Banyan App Version as a column in Devices list view so that administrators can see the version of the Banyan app that’s installed on each user’s device.

Component Versions

Client Components Server Components Management Components
Desktop App* v2.4.0 (Changelog) Netagent* v1.39.0 (Changelog) Shield* v1.37.0 (Changelog)
Mobile App* v2.0.0 (Changelog) Connector* v1.3.0 (Changelog)  

* Not updated since last major release

Last modified: Oct 21, 2021