Important Notices

This section lists important notices regarding the Banyan product that customers may need to plan for.

Current Notices

There are no important notices at this time.

Past Notices

Updated 8/18/2021

We are excited to begin rolling out Banyan Mobile App 2.0 on August 26th, 2021. As part of this release, we are introducing enhancements to streamline the Mobile App registration and access flows.

Simplified Registration

Registration will no longer require adding certificates to the device keychain, reducing numerous steps in the flow. Instead the certificates will be stored in the app keychain, allowing the streamlined experience and eliminating inconsistencies where certain browsers or applications cannot access the device keychain.

The enhanced registration flow will consist of three steps:

New Device Trust Flows

Device trust checks on mobile will contain an automatic flip to the Banyan app. The app will submit relevant Trust Factors and the client certificates for validation. End users will navigate back to the browser or native app they are attempting to access and proceed to identity provider authentication.

The new device trust flow for mobile will consist of the following steps:

Customer Impact

Additional Pre-Requirements

There are two additional pre-requirements when leveraging the Banyan Mobile App 2.0:

  1. Device Trust Verification will need to be enabled for the services being accessed. This will allow Banyan to validate the device certificate stored in the Banyan mobile application keychain.
  2. Hosted websites accessed on mobile will need to leverage a Banyan managed Let’s Encrypt certificate or have a Private PKI root certificate pushed to the mobile device via a Device Manager. Read more here.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues we are working to resolve:

  1. Leveraging passwordless on mobile requires two flips to the Banyan app
  2. Challenge code should not show up on the Device Trust Verification page
  1. What happens to previously registered mobile devices?
    • Users who upgrade to Banyan Mobile 2.0 will be asked to authenticate in order to move the Banyan certificate into the application keychain.
    • Users currently using the Banyan mobile app will continue to experience the previous device trust flow until their device certificate expires or is removed.
  2. What is the certificate renewal flow for the new mobile app?
    • The certificate renewal flow will be automatic and not require interaction from the end user.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to your account team.

Publish Date: 6/22/2021

As part of the upcoming Banyan Desktop App 2.2 release (expected to release June 30th), we are introducing enhancements to streamline the Desktop App registration and access flows.

Simplified Registration

End user-initiated registration is now 50% faster, eliminating multiple login and keychain access prompts. The streamlined onboarding flow will include four steps before having access to all Infrastructure, Hosted Web, and SaaS applications.

Hidden Services Until Login

All Banyan services within the app will require an identity provider login before they are visible. Previously, Hosted Web services were always visible and required an identity provider login after launching a service. This experience will be standard across manually registered devices as well as devices registered via Zero Touch mode.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to your account team.

Last modified: Sep 16, 2021