Quick Start Guides

Helpful guides to get you up and running quickly with specific scenarios

Welcome to Banyan! The following articles provide step-by-step articles to successfully prepare your environment, deploy Banyan, and access a Banyan-secured service from a device.


Before proceeding to the quick start guides below, please ensure you have the following prerequisites:

  • You must have an Organization provisioned in the Banyan Command Center

  • You must be logged in to the Banyan Command Center with either an Admin or Owner profile. You can manage your Administrators in the Banyan Command Center at Settings > Manage Admins.


In this section, you will set up your your organization using the Banyan Command Center. This is a simple process involving four steps:

  1. Set Up Your Directory of Users by integrating Banyan with your Identity Provider (IDP).

  2. Register a test device using the Banyan App to ensure the IDP integration was successful.

  3. Install a Banyan Enforcement Component, Netagent (in Host Agent or Access Tier mode), and see it registered in the Banyan Command Center.

  4. Secure a Service and expose it to specific sets of users in the Banyan Command Center.

Then, tailor your deployment by exploring and configuring additional Banyan features.

Last modified: Jul 28, 2021